Anderson-Jackson Group was established in 1977. We specialize in land acquisition and entitlement for real estate development. The Company maintains this specialty with a staff that has a thorough knowledge of commercial real estate sales, leasing, exchange, financing, entitlement and development. We are committed to giving our clients the service they deserve. To fulfil this commitment, we will continue to provide service beyond the level of all expectations. Anderson-Jackson Group’s growth is based on repeat business and referrals. We choose not to rest on our past reputation, no matter how good. What we have done is not as important as what we are doing.

The staff at Anderson-Jackson Group consists of selected individuals who are dedicated to service and have many years of commercial real estate experience. We invite you to call upon Anderson-Jackson Group to assist you in reaching your real estate goals. Our Mission Statement is “You give us the challenge and we will give you the solution”. If you can’t find the property you want or can’t use it after you find it, call Anderson-Jackson Group.

The profile of our Company is a blend of experience, education, talent and dedication to meet your real estate needs. This is evident by the companies we have worked with and the transactions we have closed. As an Officer of this Company, I invite you to experience what service is all about in the hands of the professionals.

Our commitment at Anderson Jackson Group, Inc. is to meet your marketing and sales demands, provide the highest level of consulting service and to find excellent real estate under good economic terms. We remain with the project until you receive approval for your use. We look forward to serving you.

David Jackson