Phoenix, Arizona    –    September, 2015:  By David Lucas.   Self-Storage development is back on the drawing board following a long hiatus. Developers are funded, contractors are fully staffed, and consumer demand is rising along with a growing population. But one component is lacking in the development equation: available land. Or more specifically, properly zoned land. Infill properties sit vacant all over California; however, storage is the last business many municipalities want to see sited there. Cities construct hurdles along the way that make it nearly impossible for developers to build self-storage facilities in attractive retail locations. Even when zoning may favor storage, city fathers just say no.

And that’s the way David Jackson likes it.

Jackson is CEO and founder of Anderson Jackson Group, Inc., a California-based consulting firm that specializes in self-storage, land acquisition, and entitlement for real estate development. The company maintains this specialty with a staff that has a thorough knowledge of commercial real estate sales, leasing, exchange, financing, entitlement, and development. Jackson’s company has fought municipal skirmishes on behalf of his clients since 1977. “If it can’t be done, call us. If it can be done, it’s already sold,” he likes to say. He points out that nearly every deal his firm undertakes involves zoning codes or other special issues requiring extensive research and negotiation with planners and city councils. “Cities do not want self-storage because it doesn’t employ enough people and it doesn’t produce retail revenue,” Jackson says. “I have to go to the city and sell a storage location by utilizing their rules. My job is to go through the zoning code to see if I can get a green light to go, even though we may be getting a negative recommendation from the planning staff. Many times I can find a yellow light that can turn green by reviewing the development standards and overlying general plan.” California has some of the best infill areas in which to locate self-storage, but it can be extremely difficult to obtain approval for a conversion or a new self-storage site. Jackson continues to present his land sites to select companies and encourage sellers to contact him if they would like to add value to their land.  “A market where it’s almost impossible to get storage in is the best market, and that’s the market I work in,” Jackson says. “The harder it is to put storage in, the better the area is. If the area won’t accept self-storage, that’s the site where I want to be.”

Major Southern California Self-Storage Portfolio Anderson Jackson Group has completed land acquisitions for more than 25 self-storage sites for major self-storage developers, including multiple sites for Storage West and All Aboard Mini Storage, an operation owned by Hall of Fame football legend Lance Alworth. In addition to arranging site acquisition, Anderson Jackson Group, Inc. also represents buyers and sellers in facility acquisitions. Anderson Jackson Group in August 2015 negotiated the sale of eight Southern California properties with over three quarters of a million square feet of building space on 46 acres and containing over 5,000 storage units. The buyers were Guardian Storage Centers and National Storage Affiliates. The seller was Universal Self-Storage.

Properties Sold By Anderson Jackson Group, Inc.

Fontana, CA – 84,295 Square Feet, 3.5 Acres

Highland, CA – 97,831 Square Feet, 1.44 Acres

Loma Linda, CA – 90,247 Square Feet, 6.20 Acres

Upland, CA – 58,464 Square Feet, 2.5 Acres

Corona, CA – 108,615 Square Feet, 9.96 Acres

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92,000 Square Feet, 8 Acres

Mission Viejo, CA 115,000 Square Feet, 4.7 Acres

Structured Transactions Enable Tax Savings

In addition to a thorough knowledge of the self-storage business, Anderson Jackson Group can structure a development or transaction. Tangible property, intangible property, and intellectual property play a key role in the closing of any self-storage transaction. On several occasions, the company has leveraged land conservation easements for the tax benefit of clients.

Glendale, CA – 24 Acres

The enhanced deduction for donations of land conservation easements allows landowners to reduce their taxable income by giving up development rights to their property to preserve natural resources. Some clients have gained loss carry-forward deductions employing land conservation to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

When it comes to self-storage, the buying, selling, land acquisition or development, it is important to use a real estate company that has been through the process of land acquisition, entitlement, rent up, and sale as the company will have the experience to get the best price available or find the right land in the target market area. Anderson Jackson covers a multitude of disciplines: from brokerage and entitlement to investment, tax saving, and land acquisition. The company is successful in the real estate sector because it can quickly identify potential problems during transactions and provide the solutions that lead to sales. “Each transaction has a different problem and each problem is seeking a solution,” Jackson says. “When a solution starts, a sale takes place. There is no sale unless it solves a problem, but the solutions to problems are never simple. You’ve got to find a way to mitigate to a level that will cause the seller and buyer to perform.” For nearly four decades, Anderson Jackson Group has served as problem solver, facilitator, and advocate for numerous clients in self-storage and other real estate sectors, turning impossible causes into profits.

What Clients Say About Anderson Jackson Group

I picked Anderson Jackson Group’s David Jackson to sell my self-storage portfolio. This was a complicated transaction and I needed an expert who had full knowledge of the self-storage business and the capability to negotiate a transaction that would close. He exceeded my expectations.

Rene Jacober, Universal Self-Storage

“Thank you for assisting me in acquiring two well located self-storage facilities in South Orange County, Calif. You were able to deliver what you promised, equitably meeting the objectives of both buyer and seller in closing our transaction.”

 John Minar, Guardian Storage Centers

“The sites that the Anderson Jackson Group found and assisted in developing throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas were a springboard for the growth and success of my company. Your foresight, marketing abilities, and work ethic make it a pleasure to work with you on any project.”

Lance Alworth, All Aboard Mini Storage

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Sold For $72,000,000.00 To National Storage Affiliates, A New York Stock Exchange Company

David Jackson, President of Anderson Jackson Group, Inc., a Self-Storage Specialist, Represented All Parties in the Sale

Rancho Santa Margarita, California – August 5, 2015: David Jackson, President of Anderson Jackson Group, Inc. announced the sale. The sale consisted of eight properties, almost one million square feet of buildings, approximately forty six acres and over five thousand self-storage units. The properties were located in Corona, Fontana, Hesperia, Highland, Loma Linda, San Bernardino and Upland California. The Buyers were Guardian Storage Center, LLC National Storage Affiliates. The Seller was Universal Self-Storage.
Guardian Storage Center, LLC National Storage Affiliates has a unique way of acquiring self-storages and many times the sellers branding can remain as well as their management team. Acquisitions can also be made without capital gains taxes. David Jackson of Anderson Jackson Group, Inc. is familiar with all the different ways a transaction can be structured to meet the Seller’s requirements.  While these efficiently run self-storages were appealing to anyone seeking a major Investment portfolio, putting all of the pieces together and bringing the transaction to close was no easy task.
Anderson Jackson Group, Inc. is proud of its record in contributing to the development, land acquisition and sales of self-storage facilities. This sale is just one of the many transactions that has been completed by Anderson Jackson Group, Inc. They look forward to their continued success and acquiring additional self-storage projects to meet the market demand.
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SEC Of Villa Park Road and Hewes Street In The Unincorporated Area of Orange County Sells After Years on the Market

David Jackson of Anderson Jackson Group Closes Complicated Land Sale
May 15, 2015
Villa Park Road and Hewes Street County of Orange, CA 92869

Land Sale Proposed Villa Park Self Storage 1.7 Acres Value $900,000.00 APN 378-444-04 Sold May, 2015 
SOLD – 1.7 ACRES OF LAND:  Childbridge Properties had owned this property for the development of a school and then decided to develop a self-storage. The property was part of the Reeves pit landfill that was closed in 1961.  Anderson Jackson Group was assigned the marketing of this property. Many Buyers submitted acceptable proposals to purchase the property, but the uncertainty of the stabilization of the land and related cost prohibited the completion of a sale. Anderson Jackson Group mitigated the uncertainty by creating an entity that would adjust the undercover cost and postpone certain payment and/or trade equity for interest and completed the sale. Anderson Jackson Group was retained as a consultant to process the entitlement and oversee the development.

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Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority(MRCA) Receives 24-Acre Donation

David Jackson of Anderson Jackson Group Negotiates Land Giveaway 

Glendale, CA: March 23, 2015 – It’s not often that you find a real estate broker negotiating to give away property, but David Jackson of Anderson Jackson Group in Rancho Santa Margarita, California did just that with 24 acres in Glendale, California owned by Glendale Chevy Chase Partners.  The 24 acres is located just off Chevy Chase Drive above the Chevy Chase Country Club.  After marketing the property and reviewing different purchase proposals and the requirements for project approval, he thought it would be good to take a different approach.  Mr. Jackson has specialized in land acquisition for real estate development for many years and has sold a lot of property for real estate development in California.  “I don’t just look at a piece of land for its profit development potential, I also look at it for its highest and best use and consider all factors like entitlement time, profit, tax incentives for conservation and donation along with the best community use”, he said.  In this case, while the property would have been suitable for twenty five or thirty homes, it would involve massive grading and extensive time for the required governmental approvals.  When reviewing all options including the owner’s tax situation, the time it takes for governmental approvals and the tax incentives conservation and donation you can find the best answer for the property.  In this case, the best answer was an outright donation.  Mr. Jackson chose the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority as the recipient because they were a local government public entity that already had preserved many acres in the Santa Monica Mountains for recreation and conservation.

Ms. Rorie Skei Chief, Deputy Executive Officer, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) worked with David Jackson of Anderson Jackson Group, Inc. to get Board approval to accept the 24 acre land donation.  The property is an important addition to protected land in the San Rafael Hills in the State Legislature-established Rim of the Valley Trail Corridor.  Preservation of the property as protected open space will help ensure habitat and wildlife movement in an identified system of wildlife linkages and open space parklands.

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J. C. BEANS COFFEE HOUSE Eighteen Year Landmark Sells 

David Jackson of Anderson Jackson Group sells business

Dana Point, California – January 12, 2015:   “There’s a line of cars snaking around a popular coffee house and it isn’t Starbucks. Though that omnipresent coffee company happens to be right next door, its JC Beans Coffee House causing traffic on Pacific Coast Highway” This is a quote from a news article by Claudia Koerner and Kathleen Luppi search for Orange County’s best restaurants.  David Jackson had done a lot of business opportunity sales in the past, so he accepted the listing to market this business since it came to him by referral from a long-time friend and attorney that he had known for many years.  It took a lot of work going through the books and making many adjustments to enable him to acquire the highest possible price for the seller.  Mr. Jackson also called in a business appraiser that was on most banks’ approval list.  After receiving his appraisal, Mr. Jackson did a review of the appraiser’s derived market value, showed him the information from the work he did on the books, and the appraiser was therefore able to increase his derived market value by twenty percent.  Mr. Jackson then was able to sell the business for over the market value, and it sold again two weeks later for an even higher price to a neighbour who was in the fast food business.

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Pacific Coast Highway Building Sells for Record Price

David Jackson of Anderson Jackson Group sells building

Dana Point, California – December 12, 2014:  David Jackson sold this property for a generous price of over $800.00 per square foot of building while having an appraisal of only about $655.00 per square foot.  One might say that he achieved a record price, but David Jackson doesn’t thing so; he believes it was a fair price.  When asked how so, Mr. Jackson explained that even though the  appraisal came in at market value, the property had a non-conforming use which was a drive-thru.   The City of Dana Point was not allowing any new drive-through to be put in, therefore the real property would have a higher value to a business that uses a drive-thru. Mr. Jackson negotiated a transaction where rests were good for the Buyer and Seller.  The Buyer could lease the building and sell the business that was in the building for a much higher price than he paid, and the Seller received a much higher price for the property so the two offset each other.

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La Quinta Commercial Land Sells After Being On The Market Forever

David Jackson of Anderson Jackson Group Sells Land

La Quinta, California – March 31, 2014:  A charitable organization and three tenants in common owned the property located at the North West corner of Desert Club Drive and Barcelona in the city of La Quinta, California.  All the owners wanted to sell the property for it had been on the market for a very long time. David Jackson received a call from one of the founders of Lee and Associates who had a partner in La Quinta who wanted to buy the property.  The reason the property would not sell was that some of the owners wanted over market price for their shares and no deal could be consummated.  David Jackson was able to obtain an all-cash offer that even though under market price, he was able to adjust the net proceeds to give each seller what they wanted.  The results were that some of the owners got net proceeds over market value; the property sold and everyone was happy.

This transaction shows that a property can be sold under market value and some of the owners can still receive net proceeds over market value when using a skilled real estate broker.  When David Jackson knows the objective of all the partners, he can find a solution that will satisfy everyone.  This is why he is a successful real estate broker.

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SS Mini Storage Sells David Jackson of Anderson Jackson Group Sells Self-Storage in All-Female Transaction
David Jackson of Anderson Jackson Group sold this storage facility at 509 N. D Street in Perris, California which consists of 237 units on 1.64 acres of land on June 7, 2013.

The property was sold to two sisters who said that they were going to name the storage Two Sisters Self Storage.  This was David Jackson’s first self-storage transaction where the seller and the buyers were all women.  As many women are currently involved in all fields of real estate including ownership, David Jackson said that he was looking forward to selling more self-storages including ones that involve other all-female transactions.  The storage is located on D Street with Freeway frontage and extra land in the front for development.  The two sisters were looking for a good investment, and David Jackson was able to negotiate favorable terms for both parties and the transaction closed. The property had been owned by the Operations Manager of a large self-storage company who retired and sold this self-storage.

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Village Market Adds Second Location in Irvine, CA

David Jackson of Anderson Jackson Group Sells Irvine Building 

Irvine, California – April 29, 2013:  Village Market opened its second location in The Plaza Irvine.  The Plaza Irvine is a luxury high rise residential complex with breathtaking views of Newport Beach, San Joaquin Hills and city lights.  The fifteen-story tower is nestled among other similar developments.  The Village Market is located at 7020 Scholarship on the ground level of The Plaza Irvine.  Their other Irvine location is at 41 Prism which is located among high rise residential developments walking distance to The Irvine Spectrum.  Their new location is in the hub of Newport Beach, Irvine and the University of California Irvine.

Anderson Jackson Group, Inc. is proud to announce the sale and said that there are only a few buildings for sale in this prestigious area, and Village Market has purchased one where the purchase price considering all factors was much less than if they were to lease it.

“Village Market sells a wide variety of products!  It’s like a little mini-mart right in between the different condo communities and the prices are not that bad!  I am so happy this place opened up!”stated one customer who is just one of the many enjoying the convenience of Village Market.

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OCTOBER 30, 2008

Exclusive Marketing Contract Self-Storage Facility Murrieta, CaliforniaFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. has been selected to market a self-storage facility for a major self-storage operator in California and many other states.  Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. specializes in the marketing, land acquisition, entitlement and development of self-storage projects.

This facility has easy freeway access and is located on a major street.  The facility consists of approximately 50,000 net rentable square feet with over 450 units including office and manager’s apartment and is located on approximately 4 acres of land.

Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. will be marketing this property for a competitive price.  A complete package regarding this investment opportunity will be made available to potential qualified buyers upon signing a confidential agreement.?

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OCTOBER 27, 2008

Exclusive Marketing Contract – Clinton Self Storage MURIETTA AREA (WILDOMAR), CALIFORNIA


The Rancon Group has selected Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. to market Clinton Keith Self Storage located at 24781 Clinton Keith Road in Wildomar, California.  Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. specializes in the marketing, land acquisition, entitlement and development of self-storage projects.

This popular facility, located one mile east of the I-15 on Clinton-Keith Road in Wildomar, services the areas of Murrieta, Wildomar, Temecula and Lake Elsinore and has been at or near full capacity for the past two years.  Due to the demand for self-storage space in the area, in October of 2007, 258 units were added bringing the total number of self-storage spaces in the facility to 883.  The facility has also added 16 new cameras for a total of 32 video surveillance cameras.  Included in the purchase price is approximately one acre of extra land that can be developed for commercial use.  This land fronts Clinton Keith Road and has a separate entry.

Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. will be offering this property at a very competitive price.  Complete details and financial information on the project will be made available to potential buyers upon signing a confidential agreement.  Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. is pleased to be working with the Rancon Group on this project and looks forward to closing a sale.

The Rancon Group is an integrated network of real estate-related companies and divisions formed to provide an array of services for buyers, sellers, developers, investors and owners of real property. This highly adaptable organization is designed to leverage real estate opportunities in Southern California. The mission of the Rancon Group is to build relationships, build community, and build legacies for generations to come.

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2008



Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. expands its market to serve international clients.  With many years of commercial real estate experience, specializing in self-storage projects, Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. has expanded into the international market.

While many of our international clients want to purchase commercial real estate, they also want to be located in luxury estates in exclusive cities throughout the United States.  Realizing this trend, Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. has handled luxury estates in Century City Los Angeles, San Francisco, and along the Kohala Coast Hawaii.

Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of another luxury estate overlooking the bay in the prestigious Pacific Heights area of San Francisco.  Even in today’s declining housing market, Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. was able to structure a sale creating a purchase price of $5,200,000.00.  Since the property had not been refurbished since the early 1970’s, Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. worked with a local architect to develop as-built drawings and conceptual drawings for the project.  Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. appealed to the buyer’s imagination to create the desired estate.

To sell this type of property, what is needed is a company with the ability to work with high profile and/or high net worth individuals and to close real estate transactions even in today’s volatile market where there are few or no loans available.  Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. has a long history of working with high profile and/or high net worth individuals, and this ability is one of the reasons for our success.

Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. would like to express its appreciation to the San Francisco community for their cooperation in assisting our marketing activities to close this sale.  We look forward to exploring other opportunities in the commercial real estate and high profile luxury estates market.

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March 14, 2008

Rancho Company links investor, self-storage facilities

Anderson Jackson Group, Inc. also brokers sales of luxury homes and condominiums

While the decline in the housing market has negatively impacted other industries, one local self-storage chain is holding its own.

David Jackson is a president of the Anderson Jackson Group, Inc., a Rancho Santa Margarita-based real estate development firm and broker specializing in self-storage investment properties, Jackson said the self-storage market is not suffering as badly as other sectors.

“We have an overload of people with money and an under load of product and properties for them to invest in,” Jackson said.

Jackson’s company brokers properties in tight land market across the globe. Besides projects and orange county. Loss Angeles, san Francisco and Hawaii, they are working on projects overseas in places like India and china. Jackson said that developing self-storage properties can take time. One recent project can took the company more than a year to get final city approval.

“Cities are not normally interested in building self-storage facilities. They don’t generate any sales tax revenues,” Jackson said.

Besides serving as locations were people stores item that don’t fit in their homes, they serve as incubators for small businesses. According to Jackson many small business in communities such as rancho Santa Margarita use self-storage locations as low costmini warehouses for their merchandise or equipment.

Though the market is still good for self-storage units, Jackson said that leaders have tightened their standards for buyers of the properties, appraisals are being revaluated; buyer qualifications are being scrutinized and larger down payments are required.

Jackson said that owners of self-storage units are getting a seven percent return on investment this year. “The properties values for these type of investment properties are not severely impacted because it’s based on income, “he said.

Besides the self-storage market, Jackson’s company works on other commercial real estate deals. Because of its investors, it’s become involved in brokering sales of luxury homes and condominiums. It’s recently completed the sale of condominium in century city for more than $4 million.

“We found that many of our investor who want to have a self-storage business own other properties, including many ‘trophy’ properties, “Jackson said.

Jackson advice for those interested in investment is to “look for the long haul and invest in properties for 5 to 10 years.”

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JANUARY 28, 2005

Rancho Santa Margarita, California. David Jackson, CEO of Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. announces the close of a $25,825,000.00 transaction. David Jackson represented all parties in the sale of Plano Self-Storage in Rancho Santa Margarita, California and Crown Valley Self-Storage in Mission Viejo, California.
Plano Self-Storage is located at 30359 & 30351 Esperanza in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. This project consists of over 1,000 units, including RV storage, with seven buildings totaling more than 92,000 square feet and sits on approximately 8 acres of land.  Crown Valley Self-Storage is located at 27680 Center Drive in Mission Viejo, California.  This project consists of over 850 units with three buildings totaling more than 115,000 Square feet on approximately 4.74 acres of land. Combined the total sale involved approximately 2,000 units, 10 buildings, over 210,000 square feet
on 12 acres of land.

David Jackson of Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. handled the marketing and sale for both projects for a total sales price of $25,825,000.00. The seller for both projects was Plano Commercial and Residential Storage located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California and the buyer was Guardian Storage Centers located in Irvine, California.

Anderson-Jackson Group, Inc. is a commercial real estate brokerage firm specializing in land acquisition for real estate development and commercial real estate investment sales.  The company is responsible for transactions in Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County.  Mr. Jackson said that he is pleased with the closing of this transaction and is seeking additional properties for purchase and vacant land for development.

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