Residential property plays a pivotal role in a transaction especially when it is used as an income-producing property and there is considerable equity.  See examples of some of our Sold Residential properties below and additional examples of our closed transactions and experience on this  site under Self-Storage, C.U.P. Approvals, and  Commercial.

Residential property may not be of any concern to our institutional buyers, but it is many times a big factor to the private seller. We take into account all aspects of buying and selling including the raising of cash or making adjustments on some of these super luxury residential properties that may be worth millions of dollars.

In one case, we sold a residential property for $5,200,000.00, and the buyer renovated the property and sold it for $14,000,000.00. We think that was a generous profit (See media 2040 Jackson St. San Francisco or the web). Tax savings to the seller is also important. We had 24 acres of vacant residential land that we marketed and reviewed for development, conservation easement and donation. Our recommendation to the owner after a reasonable marketing time was to make a donation of the property for open space. Infill prime residential properties or coastal properties are very difficult to entitle and often take years to obtain approval. A look at the entitlement costs, time it would take to possibly obtain approval and the uncertainty as to what that approval might be, we had to look at other options. If we can produce a tax savings, sometimes this option can be transferred or carried forward yielding a better return than a development or sale for the seller. ( see media 24 acres Glendale CA).